Saturday, 24 May 2008

no pun for compass

In the wheelhouse there is a big old compass mounted in front of the wheel, with a little window to look into to see the compass heading. It was only while talking to phil yesterday, who came round to finish bleeding the fuel injectors (the engine is now a-ok and roaring away healthily!), that we reallised that the housing comes off, to reveal a beautiful, gimbal mounted compass inside.

Not only that, but the little door in the side opens so that you can put a tea light in there to light the compass at night, withut spoiling your night vision. Good eh?

Friday, 23 May 2008

put that in your pipe

While clearing space in the engine room for Phil i found this huge collection of big pipes (the clear pipe is about 1 and a half inch diameter, to give you a sense of scale).

the doctor is in

Our engine is a big beast, a DS8 R01 Scania Marine Diesel, six cylinder four stroke engine with direct fuel injection. Although we've never had any problems with it, we've also never had it looked at or serviced ourselves, and rather than get an enormous repair bill in a couple of years time, we thought it wise to get it serviced.

Luckily our neighbour Phil is a great mechanic and so yesterday he came over to give it a once over, clean out the system, replace the oil, change the fuel and oil filters and change the fan belts. Looking very dapper in his white coat, he worked all day on it, and baring a final 20 minutes today to finish priming the fuel injectors we should be all sorted. Incidentally, it's good that we did get it all checked as we had about a cupful of oil in the engine and so had we run the engine for long it could have been very bad. Phil has now poured gallons of oil in and so we're all safe to run it every couple of weeks like you're supposed to. We may even take it out on a calm day in the summer if we're feeling brave...

freezer jolly good fellow

Well, thanks to the help of Lorna's brother Phil we managed in abut 10 minutes what the pathetic fridge delivery men didn't believe was possible, and got the giganto-fridge down the stairs sagely and in one piece. In the picture above you can see the original, blown-up fridge in the middle, the little stand in fridge from the captain's cabin nestling down in the bottom corner, and the new fridge towering proudly over everything on the right.