Thursday, 7 January 2010

Boat DIY Thursday

We've been attempting to get some kind of balance between work-work and boat-work (and everything else). One solution to this that we are having a go at is 'Boat DIY Thursday'. So one day per week we spend a full day keeping things going with the renovation.

Today, our first, was great, and although we nearly canceled due the it being VERY VERY COLD, it turned out to be a great way to get the blood flowing.

So, the main job we are concentrating on over the next few weeks is renovating the Galley in the Captain's Cabin. Eventually this will have a little tea and coffee making station, a bog planchest for my artwork, and floor to ceiling shelving for all
our creative-industry related books.

The first step was to clear some space, rub down the hull, paint any rusty bits with Vactan, insulate, then spray foam the edges to create a nice airtight seal.

As well as this we fixed a few other bits and bobs around the place which we've been putting off doing. Even though they are only small things, it's surprising how satisfying it is to have them done.

It doesn't seem much, but at least it has started the momentum of progress.