Thursday, 19 June 2008

cat proof fence

Living on a boat with a mischievous cat whose sole desire in life is to get off the boat, down the jetty, and lost in the woods, can be stressful, so i've been building an impenetrable fortress on the back deck so that Vortex can enjoy being outside without us having to watch him every second.

I sawed up a big length of wooden dowel, drilled holes lengthways in them, and banged in lengths of steel rod. A good coat of paint and they were ready to drop into the handy fence post holders that are already all the way round the back deck (how cool is our boat?!)

I then threaded the poles in and out of the netting mesh and tensioned it at the top and bottom with wire

working my way around the deck until i had something beginning to resemble the aviary at London Zoo

Now i just need to add a netting 'gate' next to the wheelhouse so that we can hook it back and get onto the deck, or hook it onto the other side and keep Vortex corralled. He's going to be one happy cat when he can poke about outside without getting into trouble every five minutes...