Wednesday, 26 October 2011


We had a stove delivered. We are hoping that it will provide hot water for our central heating, and a stovetop for the odd bit of cooking as well as cozy heat in the living room and maybe at some point we'll trap any extra heat in our Domestic Hot Water tank. It's the Dunsley Yorkshire stove with an integral back-boiler.

Now this thing weighed a fare bit when it arrived. 250kg the package says. It was verging on the comedic when it came off the forklift and we attempted to move it closer to the gate. I even thought it was caught on something underneath, i'm so unused to handling anything so deceptively heavy.

3 hours and the generous help of 3 of our neighbours and we finally had it on board. It also included heavy duty winching straps and scaffolding poles to traverse the seven (7!!!) boats before getting it onboard. The final lowering down the staircase was a doddle compared with stepping across large, moving gaps.

The only downer that we realised once we had it onboard was that they'd sent the wood-burner only model instead of the multi-fuel version despite the packaging stating Multifuel. We're hoping that the company we purchased from is going to send us the parts because I don't think we can face trekking back to shore with it.

Next step is plumbing the whole system. I am really looking forewards to having working radiators again after years without them!