Monday, 26 January 2009


So at the beginning of January we ordered some coal from CPL Distibution.

On their website it states that "We will endeavour to deliver your solid fuel order within 3 working days unless otherwise stated, if delivery is likely to be more than 5 working days we will ring you to advise you of a delivery date." We ordered our coal, when we reallised we had almost run out, on the 2nd of January and, 24 days later, finally cancelled the order after losing hope that it would ever actually arrive.

The company didn't contact us after 3 working days, and when, after well over a week, i contacted them to find out what was going on, they said that it would be any day now, before eventually admitting that thee were 'supply problems at the depot'. Of course, if i'd known this earlier i could have gone elsewhere but it took them a long time to tell us. Then they said that the depot had got the coal and that we would get our coal, hopefully last friday (didn't happen) and if not then DEFINITELY today. When i phoned today they still didn't have a date for delivery so i cancelled the order.

In the meantime, and through a record -10 degree cold spell, we have been entirely without heating, which has rendered the boat almost uninhabitable at times and certainly unpleasant to be in. The lack of recent blogging has been partly down to the fact that most things have ground to a halt because it's just been too damn cold to do anything. It's a real shame because the idea of getting coal delivered to the door is great, it's just that they never managed the actual delivery bit.

We're now going to go and get some ourselves, something we could have done 3 weeks ago if we'd known that the coal we'd ordered wasn't actually going to be arriving any day now, and so the boat should once again be nice and warm.