Thursday, 14 January 2010

Did someone say boat thursday?

Still trying to stick to our 2010 plan of working on the boat every thursday unless work prevents it, we did another days fiddly work in the galley today, building on what we did last week by making a framework across the hull wall with battens, leaving room for the window so that we can put in a nice wooden frame around it

and then cutting plywood panels to fit to make the wall, which, true to form on the boat isn't just a simple square but has 3 separate planes, one of which has a window in, necessitating lots of fiddling. The dark patches are due to the fact that the tarp under which the plywood was being kept wasn't as waterproof as we had thought, resulting in some wet bits of wood. But they'll dry out soon enough...

All in all though, it all came together really quickly and easily, and we could feel all the old skills coming back, after quite a long break from building rooms. By the end of the day we'd made a good start cladding the walls, and now just need to work our way round the rest of the walls. They'll be easier too, as they're not all crazy angles.