Sunday, 16 May 2010

A Perfect Circle

After the success of filling the holes in the front deck, we decided to sort out another couple of points of leakiness, resulting from the half built skylight.

The first was the lip of the hole for the skylight itself. Brian had only spot welded it in place, and when we had a downpour it became very clear that the only place that all the water that landed on the front deck wanted to go was down between the lip and the deck and into the bathroom.
So, after practicing on some scrap steel and testing out some newer, thicker, better rods

Lorna welded all around the edge of the lip, sealing it to the deck and making it watertight.

The other gaping hole in the deck was where the extractor fan had been fitted, with a mushroom style vent bolted to the deck itself.

Casting around for a handy piece of steel to use to plug the gap i spotted the legs of the old generator, still welded to the deck, and cut them off

and ground one down 'til it was clean and shiny. Before and after:

I then laid it over the hole, ran down into the bathroom, and sprayed from underneath, giving a stenciled shape of the hole to cut out.

Then, after a lot of cutting and grinding down, i had a circle of metal the right size and shape for the hole, ready for Lorna to weld in.

She welded the piece itself in, and also filled the bolt holes by using left over stubs of welding rod as filler for the holes, and it was all sealed up and watertight.