Saturday, 22 March 2008

drive a hard bargain

One small project, done at the same time as the shelves in the captain's cabin, has really improved my experience of working in the office.

I have, at last count, 6 hard drives with well over a terabyte of storage, which have all my photoshoots from the last 4 years on. Each hard drive has a usb2 or firewire cable going to the computer but also a lead going to a transformer and then another lead going from the transformer to the wall socket. Needless to say it all gets a bit messy.

When we were last at IKEA i bought a cupboard door in the bargain corner for, i think, £1, and then got some mdf offcuts cut to size at homebase to form a little wall cabinet, again for just a couple of pounds, bargain! Once painted with nice red gloss paint and screwed to the wall VERY securely with MANY screws (i don't want all my hard drives plummeting to the ground!) it gets all the hard drives, all the cables and all the transformers out the way, and has enough airflow coming through from the back that it doesn't all overheat.

When paired with my nice new wall mounted desk tidy that Lorna bought me,

the office is looking pretty good...

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Melissa - Hendrik said...

you should send this to Ikea Hacker, it's exactly the kind of thing they go for...