Tuesday, 15 April 2008

we love free stuff!

One last thing we did up today that was free was a metal box, soon to be a planter, latterly a gas locker, that we found in the woods near to the boat. We nabbed it, rubbed down the rust with a steel brush, painted it with hammerite and then sprayed it with car spray paint. It's now ready to plant up, gotta love that free stuff!


IsmilebecauseIhavenoideawhatsgoingon said...

There's nothing quite like freshly painted steel,
A good find that.

rob said...

What a great job you`ve done on the new planter. Thank heavens for finigans eh?

bowiechick said...

Woot! Way to recycle. I see that wee striped beastie makes for a good supervisor too.