Friday, 30 May 2008

itchin' for a kitchen

The end wall of our kitchen looked like this:

because the previous owners had a built a worktop to go over the fridge and freezer, and we then built some shelves to go on top.

Now, due to having a big tall fridge freezer and a load of free kitchen cupboards it made sense to tear down the old and rebuild it in a more efficient, tidier way.

So, we emptied the shelves

took apart the very sturdy countertop and removed the old floppy bits of mdf covering the hole in the floor.

discovered an old water pump (possibly the previous pump for the kitchen sink) in the bilges, with a switch still mounted on a little shred of worktop

were briefly disheartened by the sight of the mucky wall and lack of floor (while Vortex relished the chance to explore somewhere dirty and dark)

but rallied and covered it all up with our free, donated kitchen cupboards

before putting the shelves back on top and relaxing in the glow of a job well done.


Melissa Fehr Trade said...

Looks fantastic! I had a good laugh at the switch still mounted on the bit of counter, though.

And how exactly does a cat cope with licking bilge grease off itself anyway? ;)

steve said...

luckily for vortex, though maybe not for us, there ain't no bilge grease in that bit of the bilges. It's on the list of things to do...

bowiechick said...

I like that the cupboard door handles are conveniently placed within easy reach right at the bottom, lol. All so lovely and tidy! I am envious of that new fridge - especially as its dimensions are not something you'd find easily in this part of the world.

rob said...

Nice job. I would be very suprised if the old jabsco pump doesn`t still work :o))

steve said...

bowiechick; yeah, the cupboards were originally wall mounted ones, so we need to get round to putting handles on the top, but at least really really small guests can still use them.

rob; we'll have to try it and see, i agree, those things do tend to last for ever...