Monday, 5 May 2008

preparation perspiration

So, the last time we saw the pedalo (tentatively called Monster, due to the theme of it's impending paint job, stay tuned...), it was fresh from being dug out of the sludge and was looking pretty mucky. I took a scrubbing brush and some hardcore kitchen cleaner to it,

and turned what you see on the left, into what you see on the right.

I then sanded it down with the mouse sander to give it some 'tooth' ready for spraying, as soon as we can get hold of the right spray paints,

scraped the loose paint off the floor of the boat ready to put a nice thick coat of bitumen down in the bottom

and designed the paint job, based loosely on this Dunny.

I can't wait to get on and paint it now, but as i've got a pretty heavy workload over the next week or so it may be a little while before we can get on and do it.

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