Monday, 9 June 2008

a nasty scrape

Our roof is in a bit of state, with peeling paint on almost all of the 14 panels between the skylights.

This is largely due to the type of paint that has been used, which lifts up in great sheets as soon as any moisture gets in underneath it. Following the success of using Cuprinol wood paint on the planter boxes on the back deck, we decided that it would make sense to scrape off the ineffective gloss deck paint and repaint the panels with cuprinol, which would soak into the wood and protect it from within as well as providing a nice finish.

So, taking advantage of the amazing sunny weather we've had over the last few days, I set to with a blowtorch and a paint scraper and started stripping off the layers of paint. In the process we found that the roof has been several different colours down the years, from very light and dark blues to a deep sea green.

Each panel took at least a couple of hours to strip, then i sanded it down before painting it with cuprinol.

The reason i'm under the umbrella is to avoid adding to the impressive vest-shaped case of sunburn i got doing the previous panel.

We've done 5 panels in 5 days, so even taking into account work and weather it shouldn't take us too long to get it finished, then we can move onto painting the decks and, excitingly, getting the mast back up (it was ripped out of the deck on contact with a low bridge on our journey up her, less than a day into owning Peter!).

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