Thursday, 2 April 2009

cupboard love

It seemed like just building a room wasn't difficult or time consuming enough, so as this room is to be a work room/lounge for our lodgers we decided to build a whole load of storage into the hull wall. We could build a nice big set of cupboards with a worktop on top and also build recessed storage into the sloping wall, between the ribs of the hull.

After screwing a guide batten into the wall at the point where the vertical meets the slope

i started to build the framework

and then put a top on the frame and a front on the sloping wall.

before cutting holes in the wall piece, ready to be turned into recessed boxes.

Then lorna cut the side and top pieces, and used the pieces that we had cut out to make the holes as the backs for the boxes.

The boxes were all assembled

and then attached to the back of the wall and glued in place

before we hoisted the whole wall back into place and neatened up any rough edges with wood filler.

Lorna then planed and cut to size some scrap timber to form the bottom shelves

and glued battens in place to hold the top shelf for each recess.

With everything in place, and the final bits of wall cut top size and screwed in, it looked pretty neat, and utilised what would have been a whole load of wasted space between the ribs of the hull. It just remained to cut the doors for the cupoards lower down...


Melissa Fehr Trade said...

crap this room is looking good! we must have a show & tell swap at the weekend, we're going to finish up and move over to the saloon side with any luck!

steve said...

sounds good!
It'd be great to see your new space down in the hold...