Monday, 6 April 2009

inside our fevered brains...

So how do we work out what to do when it comes to all this DIY?

The answer, apart from mining other boat owners for info, is that we spend an unfeasable amount of time thinking and talking about ideas for what to do, bouncing them off each other, sketching them out in the boat book, and discarding all the ideas that, once we've explored them in theory, don't look like the best option.

We've probably saved thousands of pounds by thinking carefully about what to do first, rather than making mistakes and buying the wrond materials/using the wrong techniques.

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rob said...

Even as as an apprenticeship trained Carpenter and joiner! I never had the fortune to be creative ( which you quite obviously are) when it came to design, and so it cost me many attempts at getting something to look right before I, or others were satisfied. Often I would make a piece of built in furniture and it would look more like a church pew than a delicate louis cinq piece. Keep drawing, discussing and creating its much cheaper, time and cost wise in the long run. Oh don`t forget that after painting your filler will sink a little so paint and leave for a while, re fill with Non sinking smooth surface filler and paint again if you don`t want to see the joints oo easily. Great jobs by the way.