Tuesday, 13 April 2010

the daily grind

As you can see from the right hand side of the picture below, the back deck was getting into a shocking state, and needed some serious work before it rusted away, or we were shunned by society for having an embarasingly scruffy back deck.

So, rather than kill myself with 8 hour grinding sessions, and piss off the neighbours in the process, i've been doing an hour a day, each morning, in which time i can grind the paint off about a square meter of deck, and over the last couple of weeks i've made pretty good progress, from the very beginning above, gradually covering more area:

...to having nearly half the deck ground down.

I've currently run out of flap discs and am picking more up tomorrow, at which point i will quickly go over everything i've done so far buffing off the surface rust, and then get a coat of undercoat on it all, before then getting on with the other half of the deck.

Then it's on to the front deck, which we got half way through last year before getting distracted. The one hour a day technique is great as a way of avoiding getting bored or distracted with the task, as it becomes a routine and i can just carry on until the whole deck area of the boat is done, now THAT will be a happy day!

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