Sunday, 16 October 2011


I've just been re-reading the early posts from the blog of Wendy Ann 2 (lorna told me to take it easy today as i still haven't had a day off since late August when we went into Rochester and had a coffee (crazy times)mid drydock) and wow. Just wow. We were at dry dock for 2 months, and apart from the aforementioned coffee we worked like dogs the whole time and it was tough and stressful. But Seb and Becky did far far worse boat work, grinding, needle gunning, guddling around in filth, for YEARS before they could even live on the boat! It was over a year before they even got any paint on her!

We have been very fortunate to be able to live on Serenity from day one and pace ourselves with the renovation work, and although that does present it's own problems (dealing with and stripping out or working around the previous rubbish conversion before being able to do our own work, not being able to make too much mess and dust as we are living in the boat and, more pertinently, have lodgers who are PAYING to live on the boat) it has taken a lot of pressure off the timescale for completing the work, and when we've occasionally run out of money we have been able to just stop for a while.

So, especially after our own dry dock experience, i have huge respect for Becky and Seb, who we've never met (but hopefully will one day) but have followed for the last few years in their insane, punishing, inspiring journey towards having a beautiful home and saving a piece of maritime history.

Much respect.

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rob said...

Wow! What a great Job you won`t be disatisfied with Jotun thats for sure, I have had three years out of mine, sadly it now needs doing again! great job of the staircase too. I know, I know, all finished ages ago? but I haven`t visited again until now its been ages.