Monday, 14 November 2011


This is one of those jobs that has been so far down the priority list for so long that it was in danger of never getting done, so it was great to just do it.

The wheelhouse door sometimes catches th wind and swings back, banging against the wheelhouse, which at some point in the far distant past, before we bought the boat, had cracked the window. Then a couple of years ago it cracked more, to the point that a large shard fell out, and so we boarded it up with a piece of celotex, ;just for a week or two' and promptly never got round to actually fixing it. It was a bit of an eyesore, and yet not that important. At the same time, the large skylight in the back cabin leaked in the rain, and so we covered it over 'just for a while' and similarly never fixed it.

last week we FINALLY got a glazier over who replaced all the glass and now it looks WAY better. Hopefully, as we gradually tick off the massive jobs, we'll be able to start tackling all these little ones, which collectively make such a difference to the quality of life on the boat.

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