Wednesday, 21 December 2011

In Love

This past year has gone down in our record books as the toughest ever boat owning year. There have been a lot of days when we talked about selling Serenity. But we still have her and blame this on the stove/central heating that we installed.

I love it.

It may have taken every ounce of our stamina to get finished. It may have cost more to put in than we could afford. But having heat throughout the boat in these cold winter days (and not having to buy fuel to boot!) is heavenly.

Being able to dry our clothes on the radiators or in front of the fire is a blessing.

Not being confined to a single room because the rest of the boat is unheated gives us more freedom.

Not feeling like every minute of heat to the radiators is costing us money is even better. (our old diesel system cost us £400 for 6 weeks of radiator heat, our anthracite stove was much better but only heated one room).

I'm keen on building in systems that, whilst they may have a significant initial outlay, will give us much lower monthly bills. Perhaps it's all those 'end of the world' films I've watched but i think the world will look pretty different in 15-25 years.

So, I'm in love with the stove. The beating heart of Serenity. I'm working on the rest.


IsmilebecauseIhavenoideawhatsgoingon said...

Amen to that, there's nothing like being domestic and warm. What wood are you feeding it? Do you have to buy it in?

Ib Frohberg said...

Nice indeed !!

Travis and Maggie said...

stumbled onto your blog thru another follower. Your title had me hooked! I can totally relate to the pain and love but especially the pain of boatwork, as we are coming out of a five year project ourselves. Anyway just wanted to say keep it goin, its worth it in the end.

rob said...

Your doing all the right things and a wood burning stove is one of them cooking on it is possibly another although Gas costs are high but just bearable? maybe a pressure cooker (I guess you have one of those anyway?) hows the Roller girls by the way? Rob (failed skater)

Ib Frohberg said...

Take ALL Time You NEED
for rebooting the soul(-s).
We all are true belivers......

Robert Crowther said...

Hi thanks for such a fantastic Blog....I would love to move onto a dutch barge one day.....Are you still working on the boat?

Ib Frohberg said...

Hey Beauty !

Are all of You dead and gone ?

Scott Ward said...


Is there any chance you could PM me please-


IsmilebecauseIhavenoideawhatsgoingon said...

hope yr ok