Wednesday, 26 March 2008

pot, tin, compost

While i've been grubbing around inside the walls, Lorna has been up on deck gardening. one thing that people say when they learn that you live on a boat is "what about the lack of a garden?" but we've actually been growing more this spring than we did when we had a garden. We've been recycling tins, spray painting them and using them as plant pots. We've then used hooks and little baskets from ikea's kitchen range to hang them on the railings.

we've also been using paint pots, and more traditional plant pots too.

as well as some hanging ones inside and a rather funky coke bottle herb hanger.

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holly-rose said...

I have just read though all of the posts on this blog and it all sounds so very exciting! Good luck with everything and thanks for sharing all of your experiences- I will definitely be following your blog.