Wednesday, 26 March 2008

a tantalising glimpse

When Peter was first converted, the owners insulated and boxed in the lower part of the inside of the hull but not the top part above head height (as you can see below, the area outlined in red is wood, the area outlined in blue is the steel hull)

What this means is that when it is cold the 2 feet of cold steel running down the full length of both sides of the boat act as a giant cooling element, conducting all the heat away and making it much more expensive to heat. Ultimately we want to box in the whole interior, taking out the existing, 25 year old walls and replacing it all with nice new panelling to our own design. Unfortunately this requires quite a bit of money so in the meantime we are going to conduct some experiments with insulation in the corridor, which should also warm the boat up a bit too.

Yesterday i went and got a load of Celotex, a type of insulation and our favourite stuff in the whole world, which we are going to attach to the bare hull in the corridor.

and while i was poking around in the corridor i couldn't resist peeling back one of the wall panels, just enough to stick the camera in there on macro and get an idea of the state of the hull behind the walls (which we were dreading might be a nightmare of rust and dirt), which is surprisingly good, no rust, no filth, not a lot of insulation but what's there is in good condition, all in all a weight off our minds!


Loz 'n' Moz said...


Just thought you might want to see how we lined the interior of our barge. We used spray foam for insulation, which proved easy to do, if a little messy. There is an air gap between the insulation and the wood to allow air flow.
select the picture to take you to the other photos including the lining.

steve said...

sounds like you had a messy time of it!
i think that spray foaming everything would just be too messy for us, as Peter is at a fairly advanced stage of conversion and it would be very disruptive to have foam everywhere. However, tim's technique of celotexing with foam in between sounds like it could be just the ticket...