Saturday, 5 April 2008

insulation exploration

You may remember that our corridor was long and partly uninsulated, so i bought a load of celotex insulation to remedy the situation. I put off the job for a while as i wasn't sure exactly how i was going to do it, but eventually i grasped the bull by the horns and got on with it, and it went very smoothly.
First step was to attach a wooden baton to the wall to hold all the celotex in place. After considering various options we went with glue, for simplicity and strength, and after advice from our next door neighbours used the fabulously named 'Sticks Like Sh*t' complete with asterisk.

I had to cut lengths of scrap wood to size to press the batons against the wall while the glue was drying, which was fiddly but worked really well

before then cutting the celotex to size and just pushing it in between the baton and the ceiling. We will ultimately be replacing the ceiling (and putting an interior wall over this insulation) but this is just a temporary solution in the meantime to keep us warm now.

Also, after the tantalising glimpse inside the walls i couldn't resist doing the same into the ceiling;

It looks like there is a tiny bit of rockwool insulation in the middle there, but basically there's room for an awful lot more celotex in there, hurrah!

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