Wednesday, 23 July 2008


One unexpected result of living on the boat has been that we are finding that we are so much more willing to tackle things ourselves rather than 'get a man in to do it'. The car exhaust has been sounding a bit thunderous for a while but when it banged on a speedbump because it was hanging down, it was so corroded, we knew it was time to do something about it. After taking advice from Phantastic Phil, our mechanic neighbour, we bought a new exhaust and the necessary clamps, got down under the car, got the old exhaust off and fitted a new one, it was really easy!

You can see how knackered the old exhaust was, it's so great to have a shiny new one, and not have to worry about it falling off on the motorway

and to have done it ourselves, for half the price it would have cost to get someone to do it for us, makes it all the sweeter!

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Steve Lawson said...

yous two are, in SO many ways, my heroes and my inspiration. You rule!! :)