Thursday, 28 August 2008

feeling drained...

We have a slight leak in the pipe from our fuel tank (in the deck locker across from the one with the anthracite) down into the engine room and to the engine itself. In order to fix it we need to drain the fuel tank, something i was dreading due to the potential for messy, and potentially catastrophically dangerous, situations involving dozens of litres of diesel cascading out of pipes and into the bilges.

Luckily, whichever wonderful, beautiful person installed the engine and fuel system installed a tap on the pipe, for just this purpose:

and with a bit of scrap tubing attached to channel the fuel down into the jerry cans... was the easiest thing in the world to drain off 80 litres of diesel, which at the very least has taken some of the pressure out of the top tank and lessened the leak.

I've now ordered some more jerry cans,and when they arrive we'll be able to drain off the rest and replace the pipe that is leaking.

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