Thursday, 28 August 2008

locker up

This was one of those jobs that was going to take 2 minutes and ended up taking a morning.

We recently stocked up on anthracite (coal) for the winter, taking advantage of cheaper summer prices, and bought 25 25kg bags (THAT was fun to lift aboard!).

The best place to store some of these was the deck locker in front of the hatch, which already had a few odds and ends in it, which i thought i'd clear out first, all the better to get more bags in.

Somehow these few scraps of wood turned into a huge pile of junk which covered the deck, including a set of boards which formed the floor of the locker, but which were wobbly and falling apart.

Having cleared out all the junk i wire brushed

and hammerited

one corner of the locker which had got rusty, and repaired the boards for the floor, nailing them together securely and adding a couple of extra bits of wood.

Once these were in...

...i could FINALLY put in the sacks of anthracite which i had wanted to put away in the first place! It had taken a while to get there but it was good to clear out a load more junk and make the locker shipshape. We are trying to do things properly when we do them, as this is gong to be our home for years and years to come, and we want to look after it.

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