Tuesday, 2 September 2008

what lies beneath II

There is a central 'spine' running down the length of the roof, covering the join where the two sides meet and keeping everything nice and dry (kind of). This is great, but unfortunately all the flashing on the edges of all the roof panels, which we want to remove, goes underneath it, so it had to come up.

This was a little terrifying, since lifting it up revealed a horror landscape of dirt and rust, and holes through which you could see down into the boat,

but once i cleared away some of the detritus i reallised that it was essentially just two strips of wood screwed to the roof, supporting the curved 'spine' (which was the source of all the rust). So not too scary, and simple to replace with new materials.

Now that i was warmed up and in a proper wrecking mood, i then started pulling up the flashing, which was pretty corroded and, certainly where the nails went through, beginning to rot the wood. I removed the flashing ON the roof,

and the edging strip on the bottom edge of the roof. Both of which revealed horrors of rust and damp wood.

Luckily, once the whole area was swept clean and a few bits of filler had been chipped off, it all looked a lot less something out of a junkyard,

and with a good coat of trusty Cuprinol

and some new edging screwed onto the bottom edge

it all looked nice and smart again, ready for testing out the fibreglass that will eventually cover it.

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