Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Well Hung

So, at the end of the second day we had almost a whole room, but with a big gap where the door should be.

On Monday we headed out early back to Whitten Timber and bought a ready cut door frame,

which was actually a bit narrower than the door we had, so the first job was to break out the Festool plunge saw

cut the edges of the door down

and made sure that i fit in the frame.

I then began building up the stud wall to fill the remaining gap

but soon reallised that, due to the aforementioned lack of any right angles in the room, the door frame wasn't straight in relation to the floor that the door would swing open over and so i needed to cut some little chocks to adjust the angle of the frame, and then screw through them into the wall.

Once i had one bit of the frame straight i could then measure and fit the cross pieces (or noggings) of the remaining stud wall,

fix the other pieces of the door frame (and test out the doorway),

and finally cut the final sheet of ply to the right L shape and fix it on.

Then i just had the mammoth and time consuming job of chopping out sections of wood from the door to attach the hinges

and door handles and latch

and the architrave to cut to size with the mitre saw (it's just pinned in place for the moment)

and the door was FINALLY finished, hurrah! A proper room with a functioning door!


rob said...

Great job! I guess the door was, initially, too small for you to turn the head of the frame over and fefix it? Have a great Christmas (I think I have already said that forgive me its probably early onset dementia) :o))

fengyebingxueer said...
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mum brown said...

What Steve doesn't say is that he had to get the room ready for his dear parents who were coming for Christmas... We arrived to a completely bare (but beautifully finished) room which was then transformed into a delightful bedroom. And the catering is pretty outstanding too. This is a very special very different Christmas!

rob said...

Dear Mum Brown I bet you are very proud of what they have achieved between them? I would be. Happy new year.

steve said...

hi rob, yes, the door was too small for the wider version of the frame and too big for the narrower version.

Thanks for your comments and happy christmas and new year to you too!

rob said...

Thanks for that Steve! I guessed that was the case, you would think that they made doors to fit the linings? but who am I to ask :o))in my day it was "real measurement" Cough! (non metric, feet and inches) which I could cope with. I hope I dont ever come across as picky or a pain? if so just say please.
Regards rob

rob said...

Wow!what a spot to watch the fireworks from! Happy new year.