Monday, 22 December 2008

You should SEEEEE!

Lorna here, to say that Steve's been doing an excellent job building the third bedroom. We just need to build a doorframe and hang the door and it will be a completely sealed and habitable room again. Of course, there is the skirting board to fit, and the painting to do, but just having wonderfully neat walls is amazing. After putting so much effort into the studwork and insulation I was always a little worried that when it came to skinning it all, we'd do no better a job than the previous builders. A huge sigh of relief came when the wall started fitting together perfectly and an even bigger pat on the back to Steve who measured all the angles and cut all of the wood to shape. In the whole room, there is just 1 sheet of ply that remained full and uncut! I, meanwhile, had the very exciting task of drilling countersink holes and screwing the boards into place with my Lorna-sized De Walt drill. However, mostly I've been finding carpentry far too annoying to be much use, and have hid in the bathroom with my angle grinder and arc welder.

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rob said...

I Know how you feel I much prefer welding and grinding than carpentry and for a few years that was my job! Have a great christmas!how about welding up a support for the cheap tree you are about to get? :o))Have a good one!