Thursday, 26 March 2009


The internet's a big place these days and it's not often you just stumble across someone you know, but i was browsing dutch barge stuff this evening and found our old neighbours and friends Victoria and Mark, who have a boat blog of their own here and are kind enough to cite us as their inspiration. So check it out, i've also added them to the list on the right.


flatplane8 said...

I saw that too, was cheered up (not really) by the finding a mooring story, as we're in the same boat now :)

steve said...

are you wanting to move Misterton to London? Don't despair, there are moorings to be found! Penton Hook, where we use to be moored, is nice, up the Thames near Staines. the nice thing about a barge like Misterton is that you should be able to sail it fairly far up the river, unlike huge boats which wouldn't make it under the bridges further upstream.