Friday, 27 March 2009

In a flap.

Today I installed a cat flap into our bedroom door. This will hopefully mean that we can sleep with the door closed without being woken by a meowey Kitty in the early hours. The door I put it in to isn't going to stay, so it was a good tester door. It looks pretty fine now that it is in, anyway! It was also the kind of job that I usually save for Steve to do, but I was itching to actually finish a job that I had begun, and putting a cat flap in seemed just that kind of job. It also meant that I got to use the brand new Bosch Jigsaw which was a delight to use.

In 'the big grand plan' I envision a high-up cat walkway with cat doors from room to room above head height. I was flumoxed over how we were going to build the door bit, as I normally think of regular cat-flaps as pretty ugly, but turns out they look pretty neat on interior walls.

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