Sunday, 10 May 2009


While Lorna was busily sanding shelves, and taking advantage of a quiet period of work, i set to on a project i've wanted to do for ages, sorting out the office (which is in the very back of the boat, the back part of the captain's cabin where the captain and his family would have slept) which isn't set up in a very ergonomic way and which gets REALLY cold in the winter.

First of all i had to decamp to the main lounge area of the captain's cabin and set up a temporary office

and then i could get stuck into the fun bit, the destruction (deskstruction) of the desks.

The desk, shown in the first picture, also extended round to the left and the same on the other side of the office, forming a giant U shape that filled 3 walls and three quarters of the floor space. The sloping floor that covered the point at which the hull rises up and curves round at the back was also pretty inefficient, rising high above the hull and again taking up more floor space than was necessary. It WAS packed with rockwool, which i removed before i remembered to start taking photos, but it also had lots of gaps through which the super cold air from under the floor (which is just an uninsulated space through which runs the prop shaft and exhaust pipe) would whistle around my feet while i was working in the winter.

We couldn't resist taking off the vertical wall sections, revealing both the size and beautiful shape of the hull as it sweeps up at the back,

and also the steering chains, which run inside the walls all the way from the engine room, where they are connected to nthe wheel in the wheelhouse.

With a giant pile of wood on the roof from the deskstruction (the previous owners didn't build very elegantly but they sure built sturdily),

all that remained was to put it all back together again...

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