Sunday, 10 May 2009

shelf help: origins

I reallised that, talking about the shelves in the corridor, i hadn't actually mentioned how we arrived at a point where we COULD put shelves up, as the last time we saw the corridor it looked like this.

For the last couple of months the corridor has basically been a storage area for big sheets of ply (new, awaiting being used) or mdf (old, awaiting being thrown away). To make it more homey and usable we needed to a) cover up the rockwool filled ribs and b) install shelves, which would, as discussed int he previous post, also clear space in our bedroom.

We managed to clear almost all the big sheets of wood out of the corridor, but to use, and therefore get rid of, the last of the ply we needed to get it up, at least roughly, on the sloping section of the wall, which would also cover up that ugly rockwool. To do this we needed to screw in battens

and then cut to size and temporarily fix up the ply, until we could make all the inset boxes that will be added in, like in the middle bedroom.

That done, we put together uprights for the shelves to attach to, which would be screwed to the uprights of the frame already in the wall

which also hold in place wall panels of ply, which form the backs of the alcoves.

Then, it just remained to put the shelves in, which, due to the magic of time travel, we have already covered.

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rob said...

What a god send that thicknesser is? great posts thanks for sharing the photos :o))