Thursday, 7 May 2009

shelf help

With bedroom number 2 out of the way, we turned our attention to our own room, and the fact that it was bursting at the seams with all the crap that had been moved out of the other rooms when we renovated them and then let them out. It was time to get round to finally making shelves in the corridor to hold al our CDs, DVDs and books, and various other 'stuff' that was in our way.

We got hold of some old scaffolding planks

and planed

and sanded

them into beautiful , silvery, smooth shelves of reclaimed timber.

Then cut them to the exact length and mounted them in the alcoves we'd already made in the corridor.

Loaded up with books they look great, we just need to make more until we've filled all the spaces with shelves.


warriorgrrl said...

Wow, it looks amazing! Well done on all your hard work, both of you :)

Lorna said...

thanks dude!