Saturday, 13 December 2008

Celotex lovin'

So, the last we saw of the corridor a day or two ago it was looking like this:

-nicely painted but REALLY COLD as there was only a bare wall of metal between us and the icy winter nights. We couldn't afford to hang about before getting on with the next stage - insulating.

When we took the wall off we found just a thin layer of Rockwool, which didn't go all the way to the top or bottom of the ribs between which it was placed.

So i got to work cutting up sheets of 60mm celotex and packing it between the ribs

before filling the gaps round the edges with expanding foam, to create an impermeable moisture barrier and fill up any gaps in the insulation

I then took the original rockwool pieces that had been the only insulation in there and put them back over the top of the new sealed celotex layer, ready to be covered by the new corridor wall.

As usual, Vortex was the designated Inspector of Works, and declared everything up to standard.

We have exciting plans for lining the corridor with shelves for books, CDs, DVDs etc. at the sam time as we do the walls of the third bedroom, so stay tuned...

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