Sunday, 7 December 2008

One on the lips

Where the skylights sit on the roof, there is a point on each one (there are 12) where the wall stops and the window just sits on top of it. This means that any drips or condensation can run down the wall and inside the insulation, not good. We needed a lip on the top of the wall for each window, and the thrid bedroom was the perfect place to test the theory.

Luckily, Lorna's wikkid weldin' skillz were just what was needed.

She cut a strip of metal to the right width and welded it into the gap, and we had just what we needed to stop any more drips.


rob said...

perhaps paint the inside of the glass with a black paint strip where it covers the plate so as not to see the algie that way grow on the "condensation plate"where tha water passes over it? from the deck!

steve said...

Oh, i see what you mean. Yeah, we're ultimately going to be replacing the windows with double glazed ones, so we'll be able to fit the new windows to the size of the hole and avoid that problem, so we'll definitely bear it in mind.

rob said...

I`m probably teaching you to suck eggs but! check out Capillary Attraction, ie capillarity (google search) its the method whereby water can actually find its way up hill when another surface is close by, it might save you some money and time in the future knowing how to stop it. Take care!