Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Rib ticklin'

So, why is Lorna disguised a miner?

We decided that, as we're in insulating mode rather than final wall-putting-on mode, and as we have a whole load of sheets of wood that we need to use to clear the space that they are taking up (and which we're planning to turn into shelves in the corridor) that now would be a good time to strip the walls off in the corridor, and do to it what we've done to the bedroom.

So off came the walls

revealing a pretty good, solid frame underneath, which is cool as it means we can use that as the basis for our new wall and shelves. Again, the insulation in there was pretty rubbish, so when we fully celotex it it should make a big difference.

All the old paint, because the insulation had been rubbish and so there had probably been a lot of condensation issues, was in a pretty bad state, so we wire brushed as much loose stuff off as we could,

getting filthy in the process. The head torches were great for seeing into all the dark little corners between the ribs, hence the miner look.

Then it was time for a new coat of paint, mixed with thermilate insulation powder, which should hopefully help against any possible condensation problems


and after.

We hoovered up all the flakes of paint and rust, and called it a day.


flatplane8 said...

Looking good! Does that Thermilate stuff seem to make a difference?

steve said...

It certainly seems to stop condensation. I think you'd need to put on quite a few coats to notice an appreciable difference in temperature of the metal, but for that tiny extra bit of insulatin', plus not having condensation around portholes etc it's fantastic.

bowiechick said...

Rust dust, blech! Nice work you guys. You seem to have a tremendous amount of headroom. What is the ceiling height in there?

steve said...

In the centre it's about 8 and a half feet, then it slopes down slightly to probably about 7 and a half feet at the sides.