Sunday, 7 December 2008

Insulation Installation

Now that the weather has turned COOOLD, our minds have turned inexorably to insulation. I have spoken before about how the areas of metal hull left bare in the original conversion of Serenity act as a big heat sink and needed insulating, and now we're weldtastic we could finally weld the tabs to screw to the battens to rest the celotex on to temporarily insulate the main room, until we properly build walls over it all when we fully renovate that room.

Lorna ground off patches of paint (wearing her fashionable 'anti-angle grinder's lung' ensemble)

then she used our new (and amazing) magnetic welding clamp to hold the bracket/tabs in place

and welded them on to the wall of the hull.

We then screwed battens to the tabs

and wedged the celotex in place between the batten and the ceiling (this is just a temporary fix until we do it properly, but it does work and make a difference, and the wall behind the celotex doesn't get condensation on it when it is really cold outside, whereas the exposed wall does.).


Paul said...

PLEASE keep the posts coming! You guys are one of my favourite blogs, but posts are so few and far between!!! Love what you've done to the place!



steve said...

Yeah, we had a couple of months where everything got on top of us workwise, and so blogging suffered for a while. Will try and keep things more regular from now on!