Sunday, 28 June 2009

we've come a long way baby...

..and we haven't blogged about any of it, sorry!

But fear not, we're back on the case, and settling down with the laptop for a monster catch up. We've been attacking various projects over the last month or so, so i'll split them up into separate blog posts.

For this one: THE OFFICE: part 2

Last time i blogged about the office we had literally just started ripping out the original desk, walls and floor. One thing this revealed was a great big uninsulated metal wall, the outside back wall of the boat, which was revealed when we took off the slightly ratty tongue and groove that was covering it.

We removed the terrifyingly old and lethal looking 12V wiring, that runs in conduits around the captain's cabin, from the office

and then whacked up a load of celotex on the metal wall, and also a piece of smooth ply on the patch of ceiling that was also tongue and groove, and then turned our attention to the floor.

Because of the scooped shape of the stern of the boat, this comes up in a curve around the back corners of the office, very attractive but a pain in the ass to panel over.

First step was to insulate it, so all the ribs were packed with celotex and then sealed in with foam.

I then had an abortive attempt to create a simple flat shape for the sloping section of floor, that nevertheless wouldn't create huge amounts of dead space underneath.

This didn't work, so i took a deep breath, and went for the more pain-in-the-ass method of 4 panels, all of which actually curve slightly, following the curve of the floor.

I packed the space between the battens with rockwool for extra insulation

and then started cutting mind bendingly complicated plywood shapes to fit the floor curve

ending up with a nicely panelled, curved floor, phew!

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rob said...

Great job!