Friday, 26 September 2008

Catchup with that?

In amongst organising the move, we have been busy over the last couple of weeks. We FINALLY finished stripping the gloss paint off the roof and repainting it with proper wood paint

and have been making more mess on the roof

in order to strip off the rest of the flashing in preparation for fibreglassing.

Speaking of which...
In order to make all our initial mistakes (and we did) out of sight we decided to fibreglass the wheelhouse roof before we re-attempted the main roof. We cut the glass matting to size

and prepared the resin

(don't forget you can make small modern art installations with the resin when i sets in the bucket)

before laying the fibreglass and applying the resin

going off the edges of the roofso that the water will run off (and to create an attractive icicle effect)

before trimming off the icicles and edging it with plastic edging strip.

Now we just need some little corner pieces and to gel coat the top, and it'll be done.


Tim Zim said...

That fibreglassing looks fun :

rob said...

Nice job!:o)) that won`t ever leak again? Not sure about the plastic edging though, might be difficult to get it and keep it straight on the main roof edge, but then again it could ad to the charm of the older, nicer, better built vessel. Great job once again