Friday, 26 September 2008


Before we set off on our voyage and actually USED the engine, we needed to fix a leak in the fuel line from the tank in the deck locker to the engine. Ever since we filled up, and created more pressure in the tank from the weight of the extra fuel, the tap in the locker, and the connection in the pipe down in the engine room, have been leaking slightly. This is not only a waste of money, literally pouring money into the bilges, but it makes the engine room and office smell of diesel.

First step was to clear out all the 'cat litter' stuff we used to soak up the diesel that had leaked into the locker

before removing the old tap (we had drained the tank previously!) and replacing it with a shiny new one, and using Red Hemetite in the joints rather than the PTFE tape that had been used before, and which dissolves in fuel.

We've put a baking tray underneathso that we can see if it leaks, and so far it's all looking good...

Next step was to move down the line to the pipe that comes through the roof of the engine room and down to the draining tap. Again, we took it off,

replaced the fitting and joints, and popped it back on, and again so far it's looking good for leaks.

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