Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Or 'Why You Should Buy DeWalt Tools'

While screwing panels of OSB on the roof (see next post) a heavy swell caused me to lose my balance and i dropped the DeWalt electric screwdriver into the river, which was at that point about 3m deep. Resigning myself to the fact that it must be dead, i thought i'd at least go down and get it when the tide went out, just in case anything was usable.

When the tide went out the screwdriver was revealed, lying in the mud

so i climbed down and got it.

I pressed the trigger as i picked it up out of the mud, and directly from being completely submerged in 3m of water it worked perfectly! Not wanting to push my luck i let it dry out for an hour or two, and it's been fine ever since.


bowiechick said...

Hey, you should write Dewalt. Maybe they'll promo you something.

Travis and Maggie said...

Hey we dropped our Dewalt in the drink too, except we also sogged the charger. The drill is fine, but there's no hope for the charger.