Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Roof: Episode II

The next stage for the roof, now the insulation was in, was to face it with 8X4 OSB sheets. This was a pretty similar job to the insulation really, except we had to cut them with the plunge saw rather than a knife, and although it took longer than the insulating it wasn't long before all the panels were covered.

I then cut thin strips and fixed them down the sides of all the panels, to cover the edges visually and provide a run off for water once they were fibreglassed. It was while screwing these in that the screwdriver went overboard.

Once all the panels were on, we reallised that we had underestimated the amount by which the central walkway needed to be raised up, and so we had to take it up again and raise it some more.

We also took this opportunity to seal up the points inside the walkway where the windows meet the beam in the middle of the roof. The gaps in the roof that the windows sit in gto right up inside the walkway to the middle point of the roof and we were finding that every time we worked on the roof we would get little snowfalls of sawdust drifting down though the gaps.

Finaly, while the walkway was off, we used the excess insulation from the roof to insulate inside the walkway, before putting the lid back on.


bowiechick said...

OSB for your roof? Oh god, I hope you don't live to regret that. It has been our observation that it just doesn't stand up - especially with fiberglass. It was my understanding from some pros that that marine grade is usually the best. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed for you on that one. Let's hope I'm wrong.

steve said...

Me too! We've had some bits from another project sat outside for months now and they haven't swelled or delaminated at all, so i'm pretty confident it'll be all right. I guess, like plywood, there's god OSB and bad OSB, and i think the stuff we've got is pretty good.

It's a bit late to change it now anyway...

bowiechick said...

Well I think OSB is all around crap and there isn't such a thing as marine grade OSB. I was referring to marine grade plywood. But if given a good application of the stuff and top coating it off regularly maybe you'll be fine.