Sunday, 12 July 2009

The Roof: the prequel

The Roof is a job that deserves capitalisation, as it has loomed large in our thoughts for a long time now. Ever since we bought the boat we have had leaks every time it rains, and although we have fixed various of them over time it was clear that something major needed to be done. Also, because of the discovery of the really nice ceiling above the ceiling panels and insulation INSIDE the boat, we decided to insulate ON TOP of the roof instead.

We hatched a grand plan, and have been putting it into action (which i'll blog about asap) but before we had don anything Lorna's parents came to stay and Lorna's Dad, as an ex roofer, helped us out by spending a couple of days applying flash band over anything that even looked like it might decide to leak

and, with Lorna's help, cladding the wheelhouse roof with roofing felt, which we had fibreglassed last summer but which, as it was our first attempt at fibreglassing and we didn't really know what we were doing, was never quite waterproof.

It certainly was when he had finished with it!


Tim Zim said...


You guys are making great progress.

steve said...

it does feel like we're slowly getting there. making the roof watertight is a big thing to get off the 'to do' list

rob said...

Nice Job!