Tuesday, 7 July 2009

floored beauty

So, last time you saw the corridor we were beginning to clad the walls and build uprights to support shelves and making the shelves themselves. This continued and we got the walls on both sides clad with ply, though not finished or painted, so at least everything was neat and tidy and didn't have rockwool pouring out of the walls or old bits of mdf nailed on haphazardly just as a temporary wall. We would have carried on with the finishing and painting but as it was now summer it seemed silly to be doing that when we could be doing outdoor work.

We also got hold of some fantastic, railway sleeper sized pieces of wood,

ran them through our planer,

and used them as a top surface for the shelves down the corridor.

Then we had a fantastic stroke of good fortune. One of Lorna's friends phoned her to say that a whole load of flooring had been fly tipped near her house, so we went to check it out and there was loads and loads of tongue and groove, solid wood flooring, not even laminate, AND an equal amount of underlay! So we loaded up a friend's car and brought it all back to the boat, where lorna spent a couple of days getting very dusty sanding all the splattery paint off it, before we ripped up the (glued down) nasty carpet from the corridor

and laid the new underlay and flooring.

Now it looks pretty good in there, with the nice wooden floor and the finished(ish) shelves. When winter comes and it's too cold to work outside we'll finish it off!


rob said...

Brilliant post! thanks for that.

IsmilebecauseIhavenoideawhatsgoingon said...

You got one of those SIP thicknessers then?? My own workshop planer thicknesser is currently on board and unfortunately it's so big that I have to dismantle it and rebuild if I want to get it out on deck to use, a lovely machine but a total pain in the ass as even the component parts are HEAVY.Am thinking of putting it back where it belongs- in a workshop. So I reckon you're probably barking up the right tree with the portable job.
Keep the knives sharp.


steve said...

yeah it's the SIP one, it's great. I think for the amount and quality of wood work you're doing it's worth having the kick ass machine, but for us the smaller SIP one is more than good enough and much more storable!