Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bathroom plans

Not content with doing the whole drydock thing, and for reasons of accessing the bilge in the old bathroom, we set about designing and building our new bathroom.
We decided to put our new bathroom where our bedroom was and vice versa.
The ceiling is too low where our old bathroom was to fit in a shower-pod, and I really wanted a shower pod as a way of containing steam and reducing moisture in the air. We also had the idea that by having two bathrooms simultaneously, we wouldn't have that awkward problem whereby you don't have a bathroom at all whilst the work is getting done. Ha! That didn't quite work as planned but I'm sure that is a story for another day.
I'll leave with my little scale drawing of the bathroom plan. After shuffling around little scale versions of everything on my little scale pieces of paper, I finally came up with a layout that I liked.
The only things that have ended up different in the construction are that we decided against having the washing machine in the bathroom at all and put it in the kitchen. I was worried about it bouncing around so close to the water pumps, and we are dropping the water pressure tank to the left of the water tank so that it has a smaller distance to pull the water before pressurising it and gives us more shelf space above the water tank.


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Melissa Fehr Trade said...

This is a really clever layout and use of space! We're in the process of messing about with the CAD drawings for our bathroom right now (even though it's a ways off) and I really like your external toilet layout. And is that a big laundry sink I spy next to the bath? nice!

Akanksha said...

loving all the organizational inspiration I have been getting lately, has me so inspired!! Nothing like having a really organized bathroom, where everything has its proper place, just starts your day off right!
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