Friday, 14 October 2011

We moved a wall

Our carpenter friend visited in the early days of drydock and so we decided to move the wall between our old bedroom (now bathroom) and the living room a whole 7 inches.
Looking back, it seemed a little bit OTT to go to so much trouble but we had reasons for it.
We wanted to be able to secure the big water tank to a wall that was attached to the RSJ rather than just wedged in.
Aesthetically it would also look nicer in the living room with the end wall meeting up with the RSJ.
It would make our bathroom a tiny bit bigger in order to accommodate the water and waste tanks.

Nothing is ever simple on a boat though and if all took longer than expected.
We had to demolish the massive wall hung shelves and rehire everything on them. Construction wise they were somewhat of an Escher drawing with screws that could only be unscrewed when you first unscrewed another screw which could only be unscrewed if you had unscrewed that first screw...

There was then the ridiculousness of the wiring to sort out. Both mains and lighting.

A massive radiator to unplumb and drain.

Those brackets to support the new stud work had to be welded in.

Next the plywood to cut to shape- every piece unique.

New wiring to go in.

And the massive pile of rubbish out of there.

Decorating will have to wait until we have finished some of the more pressing renovations but I've got exciting visions for this wall.

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