Monday, 10 October 2011

'When we get back from drydock...'

We've done loads of stuff on the boat, just not had time to share it with you yet.
Now that I'm sat here at Steve's computer, waiting for some files to save I might as well talk about some of them.
There will be pictures at a later date because if I wait until I've prepared everything perfectly before posting then this blog will never be updated.

Big news:
We've got stairs that you can walk down forwards instead of backwards.
We've got new water and waste tanks made by the wonderful people at Tek-Tanks.
The bathroom is now in the room that was our bedroom and our bedroom is currently none-existent but will take the place of the old bathroom.
We've been to drydock and returned.

Now for months and months we've been saying the phrase 'after drydock we'll...' (usually spend money on something).
Turns out it was quite a good thing to be so cautious with our money prior to drydock as the whole experience was vastly more expensive than we ever imagined or could budget for.

We are back though, so by some collection of miracles, generosity and sweat we survived.

And progress on the boat has been made, it's just not finished yet.
I'm sure that over the next few weeks, chronicling all that we have laboured over on here will help to remind us that we have made forward steps. It just doesn't feel that way when you have a pile of tools in your living room and no bedroom.

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Loz 'n' Moz said...

Hi there, dry dock is an experience :-) . It always takes longer and costs more, but i'm glad you didn't give up, we nearly did too so i totally understand. You will get there eventually and it'll be worth it.