Monday, 10 October 2011

Tranquility (ha)

I love this picture. I took it as we headed off to drydock. I love it because it is so deceptive. You'd think from looking at a picture like this that we were out on a fun and peaceful voyage. When I look at this picture I remember the feeling of being stuck next to the diesel tank and checking it with a dipstick every 10 minutes to chart whether we would have enough diesel to reach our destination (we didn't). And the water pouring in the hole below the waterline in the engine room that was stuffed with a marigold and a bit of wood to slow the flow. The anxiety of knowing that the cranking batteries that we thought were fine were actually dead and so if we ran out of fuel there is every chance we might not be able to restart the engine. The feelings of being so thoroughly unprepared and inadequate for our boat that we really let her down. For the two months at drydock I hated this picture so much that I put it as my wallpaper on my phone. Every day it motivated me to research, gather information, open my ears to advice and opinions, and get up and get stuck into fixing it all.
We nearly walked away from her. We nearly packed up our suitcases and our cat Oryx and became landlubbers.
We came so close.
But we didn't.
And that's why I now LOVE this picture.

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