Friday, 14 October 2011


After all of the welding was completed we had to paint Serenity. We went for 2 part epoxy and lots of it to offer the greatest protection we could afford.
We hired airless spray equipment and I took on the job of wielding the spray gun. Hired from the wonderful

It was SUCH a satisfying job to do.
It took about four hours for each coat of primer with 10 hours revolt time between each. My old days spent airbrushing on a technical illustration course came in very handy.

Steve designed the cutoff line for the black topcoat so that the red primer peeks up above the waterline at the bow and we set about masking it with newspaper and masking tape. After 3 consecutive days of spraying primer, I handed the spray gun over to him to add the finessing black layer of UV resistant topcoat whilst I headed topside with a roller and a dusky blue shade for the top strip.

We had originally intended to keep the colour scheme black and white like before, but during our hours of labouring thought we needed to mark our efforts with a new look.

As soon as the last pot of paint arrives I'll be painting her name back on, but this time with the Gold that she deserves.

P.s. apologies for the random order the photos are appearing. I'll rearrange them tonight if I don't have anything more useful to do.

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